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, the famous French fashion name Colette recently released by Kanye West and Jacob & Co. Co Yeezy jewelry series, the series of $2490 pricing ranging from $$16593 dollars, love friends can go to Colette to buy. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Air Jordan 31 Low this paragraph, the overall use of red tones, to create a human side of eye-catching appearance. The bottom heel is made of shining metallic silver, gleaming in a red sea. configuration is still a combination of full palm Zoom, Air and FlightSpeed, which brings you the experience of wearing the field and the next. shoes information: Air Jordan 31 Low color: White / red / black number: 897564-601 release date: June 30th offer price: 1399 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification buy cheap jordans online services, you experience!Yesterday's heavy news than Derek. Ross once again announced the season, and return it yet, for both fans and brands have a great impact, even so Adidas or the latest Adidas D Rose Boots 5 Boost launched a new color, the brand with elegant white double color rendering shoe body overall, outsole to black camouflage lines appear, along with the design idea of designer shoes for a powerful and unconstrained style, reduce the number of the court battle fighting bloody, but adds a little introverted, the shoe has landed the lead in some shops for sale, number D68964.Continue as we reported this pair of Air Jordan 4 "Laser" has been popular attention, the whole shoe body to be rendered laser lines, and white color, make the shoes more futuristic and mysterious atmosphere. As Jordan Brand was born 30th anniversary celebration of its work, regardless of the material or work on the mind. With more and more physical drawings exposed, but also allows you to better observe the shoes of the advantages or disadvantages. Today the netwo Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale rk is again released a group of the shoes of the HD chart, let us enjoy it, and then wait for its sale.Date: 2017-5-1 fan commissioning editor: Paul - George -PG 1The first round of the NBA playoffs was over, the Celtics, the wizards, the Raptors, the knights, the warriors, the jazz, the rockets and the Spurs came into the second round. Let's look at what players wear in the first round of the playoffs. after last week Nike Zoom Hyperflight interpretation of the city basketball spirit, this summer a pair of basketball shoe storm also has a pair of basketball origin of the classic shoes to launch a heavy pound. Six years ago, Jordan brand to celebrate the opening of the design of many Chinese franchised stores, including Shanghai, Air Jordan 1 XQ is coming back with a new look! Air Jordan was born in 1985 1, as the first person Jordan series of basketball shoes, witnessed the beginning of a great era, is the history of the immortal classic shoes. In the past more than 20 years, Air Jordan 1 has been reinterpreted many times, and there are no Retro jordans for sale lack of classical works. was first launched in 2007 in Air Jordan 1 XQ, which is designed for China. It is the first time that Jordan series has designed specially for the market and consumers outside the US. "XQ (Xi Qing)" is the meaning of celebration. The shoes not only fuse the two elements of classic and fashion, but also pay tribute to the Chinese and Western cultures. Products to Chinese dragon for the design of the core of the dragon pattern uppers. This summer's Air Jordan 1 OG XQ retained these classic designs, and also benefited from the innovation of design and material technology. Lightweight leather material will bring a more comfortable wearing experience. The shoes more particularly by Air Jordan eye design 1 OG abalone shoes, will make shoes fans eyes bright. On the next Sunday, Nike's latest technical running shoes, which highlight the sea style features and Shanghai's city running culture, will open its mysterious veil. (Editor: Chang fan) Fan: often commissioning editor date: 2014-3-16 HD: Sakura Adidas Crazy 1 rose flo cheap foamposites wers set and Walter are not only all star players, but the cities they play are also related to flowers. Lillard has an annual Rose Festival in Portland, and Washington is famous for its cherry blossoms. Adidas recently made roses and cherry blossoms as the theme, creating two flower city suits for them, including Crazy 1 sneakers. Two players will be signed in Portland in March 19th. in less than 2 days, will be kicked off the global attention to the Rio Summer Olympic games. In order to celebrate this grand sporting event, Jordan Brand , especially the "Olympic Medal Pack" inspired by gold, silver and bronze. abalone classic design with the shiny leather shoes, black collocation pure white soles, shoe body wing and Nike Swoosh supplemented by bronze ornament, which echoed the theme. now includes a pair of 3 Olympic medals have been landing the note don't recommend business, can be viewed at the bottom. Bright colors, classic shoes and affordable prices, love friends never miss. item: 332550-016 related content:Nike sportswear and jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black classic English cloth veteran "liberty London" joint cooperation to the tenth series, always subtly to contour inclusive of tradition and modern, the introduction of fusion retro traditional printing and Nike classic shoes perfect combination of a series of work. With liberty x Nike Sportswear series of works has been paid more and more attention. This is don't in the past, liberty is the most classic retro flower according to whether it is past and contemporary forever undefeated polka dots dots elements, showing a more desirable fascinating and unique style. Holiday 2014 Nike x liberty collection this season to British special common intertwine shrouded in building the plant "Belmont Ivy Ivy" to design inspiration to, showing black and wine red as shoes and clothing items presented. Scan can be found on the seemingly lifelike ivy, in fact to one pound notes totem as texture and complete coverage of light gray and fluorescent powder orange polka dots dots, showing multi-level style show. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and s cheap air jordans ports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when", micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.19 assists to help the Wizards capture wal king Downes 25 + 16 not enemy Celts, Wu Raicevic 26 + 9 New York wins, backcourt against lack of war hawks, Lopez 21 + 12 away win bulls, harden 36 points 2 + 1 key moves, George 14 1 Pacers lost the Spurs, the sun first depressed state of negative Sir Durant attack a guard over the game. Chris Paul: Jordan Tobias Harris: Nike Kobe X DeMarcus Cousins: Nike Air Zoom Jimmy after previous Kobe 9 elite sky, overwhelmed and for everyone to bring this Kobe 9 elite of customized version of Captain America's appreciation. Shoes with Captain America classic blue flagship vamp appear, then is supplemented with red and white two color to create a logo embellishment; in addition, shoes traditional on both sides of the black carbon plate was also red and white meet fringe rendering, highlighting the theme. search jordan 3 katrina 2018 app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!business association, November 26th hearing, November 24th, Putian footwear clothing City Phase I construction site, more than 300 workers are tense construction of landscape, roads and other supporting projects. This is the Licheng District in order to ensure the completion of the annual target, taking effective measures to promote the construction of the project, a microcosm of the. Putian shoe clothing city is a key construction project in Hunan province. In order to complete the project target, Licheng District concentrate overall planning, formulate the implementation of the construction plan and timetable for the countdown, according to the actual situation, the project construction area, cross work by turns. District multi location servic jordans on sale mens es, assign a person responsible for, pay close attention to the implementation of, and strive to tackle key issues, from personnel, funds, engineering and technology to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. District, urban construction, planning, economic and trade departments, as well as the town of Huangshi, actively coordinate and follow up the problems encountered in the construction of the project. Up to now, a phase of the main construction market trading area of 18, with a total construction area of about 130000 square meters, have all been capped. B project has been completed and acceptance, A, C, D project has entered the final ending, is about to enter the final acceptance. Water, electricity, roads, bridges and other facilities, landscape engineering has also been part of construction, roads and bridges have been built, and strive to the end of this year to complete the shoes of the city project, and put into use. not only build well, but also recruit. The district also vigorously promote the city merchants sprint work sho jordans on sale online es. Clear positioning of the area around the market development and the future prosperity of the market "set" and "sparse" and focus on the development of the regional market for investment, so far, shoes of the city through direct investment, investment type oriented investment and other measures in full swing, has been the introduction of Wenzhou Shaoxing Keqiao leather, clothing and other fabrics of 107 companies collectively settled in this field, nearly 400 leading shoe operators and finished shoes and clothing operators have also been settled. (Editor: admin)This post is absolutely the exclusive oh, the Comrades tribute on the day and night 22.jpg (134.2 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-1 08:35 upload 11.jpg (117.1 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-1 08:35 upload 33.jpg (120.48 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-1 08:35 uploadAfter a year of contacts and negotiations, early in August 2005, Adidas (Adi-das) and Reebok announced (ReebokIn-te rnationalLtd.) Just signed a merger contract. According to t air jordan 11 space jam for sale his contract, Adidas will be the price of $ 3.8 billion purchase of Reebok. The agreement is expected in the first half of 2006 will be approved by Reebok shareholders and US and European relevant government departments. Adidas and Reebok complementary advantages, making it one of the most promising merger. Nike top three international sporting goods market (NikeInc.), Adidas and Reebok took possession of most of the global athletic footwear market share. And the market leader in the fierce competition in the Nike, Adidas and Reebok has yielded good results, but still at a disadvantage. Fourth Puma (Puma) are waiting in the wings, it announced mergers and expansion plans, so that Adidas and Reebok tremendous pressure. Adidas Reebok merger will change the competitive landscape of the world's sporting goods market, Nike thriving situation will evolve as Nike and Adidas, two male and Commander - Nike will first face evenly matched competitors. Adidas is a German company, has 14,217 employees, in 2004 global sales of $ 8.1 billion. Reebok was originally a British company, in 1979 moved to the United States, began producing Reebok products, in 2004 global sales of $ 4 billion. Through mergers Reebok, Adidas will greatly improve market visibility, integrating the two companies complement each consumer group and geographical advantages, with annual sales of more than $ 12.1 billion to reach, occupy 26 percent of the global athletic footwear market share, almost equal to Nike $ 13.7 billion in annual sales and 32% of market share. The $ 3.9 billion merger ?????? North American sales will double. According to the US "Business Week" in 2004 survey, the Nike brand ranked No. 31 in the world, worth $ 10.1 billion. Adidas ranked 71, worth $ 4 billion. According to data from the International Association of sporting goods manufacturer Nike in the United States has an absolute advantage. 2004, Nike sports shoes market share in the US was 36%, while Adidas and Reebok were 8.9% and 12.2%. Even in Europe, Nike, Adidas is also facing intense competitive pressure. In 2004, Nike soccer shoes sales in Europe for the first time more than Adidas. Last May, Adidas sold off its 1997 acquisition of winter sports products manufacturing company Salomon. While Adidas acquisition of Sa-lomon proved to be a failure, but Sal omon to sell Adidas Reebok merger can be seen from all over Adidas strategic adjustment to the fine. According to Adidas's argument, Reebok brand will be maintained. Adidas expects the brand will continue to be used in high-end products, while Reebok will make the prices for intermediate goods. Through the merger, Adidas was mainly the original two companies to integrate product development efforts. In the eyes of many consumers, Reebok sleeker, on behalf of lifestyle, Adidas more attention to technological innovation, more closely in touch with the movement. Adidas market rule the roost in Europe, relations with the European football teams closer. Such as Real Madrid and AC Milan soccer team football team are Adidas contract. After the merger the new Reebok and Adidas will have a lot of American professional sports associations such as the American Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League (NFL) contract. Meanwhile, Adidas will benefit from the combined Reebok marketing in China. Long engaged in international brand research and international trade practical famous brand strategy expert Mr. Zhao Changbiao analysis pointed out that the race between the international footwear brands will become increasingly fierce. Adidas and Nike will be close to the strength of more intense competition, stimulate product innovation and advertising sides, protect and expand its sphere of influence. Nike's annual advertising expenses of approximately $ 220 million, to $ 042 million Reebok, Adidas $ 090 million. Nike and basketball star Michael? Michael Jordan and golfer Tiger Woods were signed Reebok, Reebok signed Yao Ming, and Adidas is the World Cup and the Beijing Olympic sponsors. Overall though Adidas and Reebok merger is wonderful, but how to integrate the two companies' operations, save money, make the two brands complement rather than duplicate, Adidas is still facing challenges.